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What to do with greywater

The Australian Government Living Greener website defines greywater as wastewater from a range of sources including the bath, bathroom basin, laundry and shower.

Not to be confused with ‘black water’ – such as wastewater from toilet – properly treated greywater can be used as a way to conserve potable drinking water for use in applications such as:

Installing an effective greywater treatment system can significantly reduce the demand on drinkable water, and reduce the amount of wastewater discharged to the environment.

The Living Greener initiative outlines some of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of greywater use.


  • Wash your hands after watering with greywater
  • Use garden-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and are free from or low in sodium and phosphorous
  • Pipe greywater underground or under mulch to water your garden
  • Irrigate your ornamentals and orchards, making sure greywater is not in direct contact with fruit
  • Regularly check your greywater system is working properly
  • Divert greywater to the sewer during wet periods if flooding occurs
  • Stop using greywater if someone in the household is sick
  • Check your state and local regulations
  • Use a licensed plumber to install your system (* see note below)
  • Avoid clogged soil by use a coarse filter to reduce the amount of solids in your greywater
  • Make sure you contain greywater within your property
  • Thoroughly wash fruit and vegetable irrigated with greywater


  • Store untreated greywater for more than 24 hours (NB!!!!)
  • Use greywater to water vegetables and herbs that are to be eaten raw or partly cooked
  • Use greywater sourced from washing nappies or soiled clothes
  • Use greywater that has disinfectants and bleaches in it
  • Use greywater from kitchens, unless it has been treated
  • Use greywater that is still hot as it will kill beneficial organisms in the soil
  • Spray or hose greywater to form a mist
  • Allow pets to drink greywater

Source: Infolink

* In South Africa the majority of licenced plumbers no little to nothing about the reuse of grey water. We would recommend you contact the experts – preferably a company that has stayed in business for several years installing greywater systems as their speciality.


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