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Tap greywater before fresh water runs dry

ALLAHABAD: Contributing to the cause of optimum ground water level, a group of city residents have come forward to propagate recycling of bathroom water. Experts advise that ‘greywater‘, which is the used water from showers, baths, hand basins and washing machines, amounts to between 50 to 70 per cent of household water that goes down the drain, should be reused or recycled to flush toilets or for outdoor purposes including floor cleaning, washing cars, gardening as well as for irrigation.

Source: Times of India

India is aggressively tackling the issue of fresh water scarcity.  It is common for one to come across an article of greywater recycling or rainwater harvesting in their newspapers.

South Africans seem to be a bit behind on taking up the initiative to conserve water, the main perceived reason being that water is not seen as being expensive enough. This is in spite of the reality of climate change and the fact that a 50% saving can be had and a typical greywater system pays itself back in a little as three years.

Greywater is an excellent source of water for garden irrigation.

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