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Reusing rainwater gains momentum in construction

Water is often regarded as infinite, or at least abundant. As this year’s droughts have shown, it’s anything but.

Gazing at a future in which water probably won’t be as cheap and abundant is the impetus for a new movement in design and construction: reusing and harvesting rainwater.

The idea is to minimize the amount of city-supplied potable water. A number of nations, including India, have mandated that all new construction projects must make allowances for rainwater harvesting.

Source: Finance-commerce

Australia is yet another country that has been rocked by both floods and draught over the past few years. Many states have also mandated all new build to make allowance for rainwater harvesting systems and greywater recycling systems.

All over the globe, ways of  conserving water have become a topic of discussion between friends and family.

The rainfall pattern around Cape Town lends itself well to using rainwater inside the home all year round and not just necessarily for garden irrigation. Garden irrigation is still most economically done with recycled greywater.

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