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Water saving toilets

The drive today seems to be on saving water and the one area where this has become particularly apparent is with water saving toilets. Manufacturers have made the toilet cisterns smaller, from 16 litre to a mere 6 litres. They have also introduced so called dual-flush mechanisms, flush mechanisms that apparently limit flush volumes.

Now the big question is whether all this actually works. The 6 litre cisterns seem to be perfect for flushing away urine but completely incompetent at flushing away something more solid materials.

“Sometimes it take as much as 3 flushes to clean the sh*tty pan.”

Dual flush mechanisms seem to work well when they are installed correctly but have a tendency to break within a few years. But with many of these, there seems to be little to no difference in the volume of water used between the big and the small flush. Often there is also much confusion about which button to push, as one struggles to tell the difference between the small and the big flush.

“I just want to bush a button, walk away, and know that what I left behind will disappear, without staring and trying to figure out which button to press. So I just press both.”

The multi-flush works on a different principal. Quite simply you hold the handle down till the bowl is clear. You decide how much water to use, whether it’s 1 litre or all 16 litres. One flush works each time, every time and it beats having to stare at two buttons figuring out which is which.

Multi-Flush mechanisms can be fitted to almost all existing toilet cistern. This save you the inconvenience of finding a new cistern and then trying to match up the existing tiles in the bathroom with new ones.

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