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Kimberley struggles to meet water demand

Kimberley residents can expect to live with low water pressure and water cuts for several more months as the city fails to cope with the demand for water.

“We are pumping at full capacity from Riverton, yet we are not able to meet the demand and the water levels at the Newton Reservoir continue to drop,” spokesman for the Sol Plaatje Municipality, Sello Matsie, said on Monday.

Irate residents throughout the city experienced extremely low water pressure and even no water at times over the weekend and yesterday.

And the message from the municipality is get used to it.

With water losses, estimated to be more than 40 percent, mainly due to burst water pipes, is leaving the municipality at a total loss as to its next move.

“The situation is that for several days the water level at the Newton Reservoir will remain fairly constant at between 14 to 16 feet, and then suddenly it will drop down to nine feet, which is where we start experiencing problems.

“This just does not make sense because there is nothing causing this sudden drop. There is no massive usage or serious failures that we can attribute as the reason for the sudden drop in water levels at Newton.”

He added that despite the dire situation, the municipality was not likely to introduce water restrictions.

“The reality is that because of the high cost of water, people are already cutting back on water usage for non-essential purposes like watering their gardens,” Matsie added.

There are also no major water users in Kimberley to warrant water restrictions.

Source: IOL

Under these circumstances one would still be able to irrigate lawns with greywater.

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