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Free water – Ceased water meters?

What would you do when the municipality rings your door bell to apologise from any inconvenience they may cause while they replace your “ceased” water meter?  – When this happened to an client of Aquarista with a rainwater harvesting system, they were highly amused that the municipality actually sent out a team to do the work.

With a smile on their faces they showed the municipal employees their rainwater harvesting system and showed them that even in the heat of summer they still have rainwater in their water tank and because of this fact they have had no reason to use a drop of water from the municipality.

With the Aquarista system they were able to switch back over to municipal supply and open a tap to show the counsel workers that the meter did indeed turn if they actually use municipal water. There was nothing wrong with the meter, there just wasn’t any water flowing through it. Once the municipal workers were happy that the meter didn’t need replacing the house was turned back to the rainwater supply.

Who wants free water? This is the reality that many of our clients experience. They know they will always be assured of a reliable water supply. If you own a home you already own your very own potential water supply but you might not be using it to its full potential. Contact Aquarista to have your home live up to its full potential.

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