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2013 water restrictions warning – Cape Town

While it is not quite time for concern, Capetonians have been warned to adhere to restrictions on using water to water gardens or face stiff penalties.

Cape Town enjoys a long summer from mid-October to March, with temperatures varying between the mid-20s and mid-30s and little rain during the period. This is also a time when the province sees a drop in dam levels that serve Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

Purely as a precautionary measure the city of Cape Town’s water and sanitation department is appealing to all residents to adhere to the specified times for watering gardens, lawns and plants in order to prevent water wastage.

“Cape Town is one of the water scarce areas in South Africa and residents are encouraged to always conserve water. Sticking to the prescribed times is a good conservation measure as evaporation is minimal at night and in the early morning. Residents should note that action can be taken against them for non-compliance with the prescribed watering times,” says the city’s councillor for utility services, Ernest Sonnenberg.

The city’s dam levels are at 72.9%, and while this is not cause for concern at this stage, the city has issued an appeal to residents to use water sparingly.

“During the hot and dry summer months, plants use more water and there is a high level of evaporation. We appreciate that irrigation of plants, gardens, lawns, parks, trees, open spaces, road verges and centre islands is necessary, but it must be borne in mind that, according to the city’s bylaws, watering is only allowed before 10am and after 4pm on any day of the week,” Sonnenberg said.

Residents are advised that all hosepipes used for washing vehicles must have an automatic self-closing nozzle fitted.

Although exempt from the watering time stipulations, users of borehole water are encouraged to only water their gardens during the stipulated watering times. Residents who use borehole water must register or re-register their boreholes with the city.

“Water is a precious and limited resource. Let’s all keep saving water while we can.”

The monitoring and enforcement of the city’s water by-laws will intensify during the Water Week celebrations in March, with particular focus on adherence to watering times.

Source: The New Age

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