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Water Rate and Tariff for Cape Town 2013-2014

Cape Town domestic water tariff’s are up with the highest increase in the 6 – 10.5 kl tariff. This 30% increase pushes up the the cost of water from R6.64 to R8.66 per Kilolitre.

The City of Cape Town is encouraging residence to reuse greywater and to collect rainwater where possible.

The chart below indicates what you will now be paying for water.

Cape Town water tariff


How to read the graph:

  • The Red line indicates the price you will be paying for sanitation (sewage). This is automatically calculated at 70% of your fresh water consumption.
  • The Blue line shows the price of water in Kilo litres (Kl). This you can read off your water meter.
  • The Green line indicates the cost that you are actually paying for every litre of water that comes into your home. This is the sum of both you fresh water and your sewage charge. You literally pay twice for the water you use – once as it enters your property and again when it leaves.

Simply draw a line up from your current water use and then bring that point across to the left. Doing this will show you what you will be paying for water.

2 comments to Water Rate and Tariff for Cape Town 2013-2014

  • Adèle van Staden

    We are renting a small (really small!) 2 bedroom house in Vredekloof, Brackenfell. We have received an amount on our rental account from our agency for water of almost R1000 for period 17 Dec ’13 to 16 Jan ’14, without an account of proof of how much water was used and no meter reading! How do I find out what we have used? Can you help or refer me to someone? Thank you

  • Dear Adèle

    If there is a water meter, you should be able to get the readings from the municipality. The municipal office should be able to make these available to to.

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