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SA must do more to look after water, says WWF

South Africans need to do more to conserve water resources as the country will feel the impact of water usage, particularly as climate change and poor management affect supplies of drinking water, an environmental organisation has warned.

“South Africa is going to feel the effects of climate change first through water resources. We have to manage that certainty of supply in new and different ways,” hydrogeologist Christine Colvin, senior manager of fresh water programmes at the WWF SA told News24.

She said that the awareness that water is a scarce is precious resource is growing.

“I think there’s a universal awareness of the scarcity of water and we will see a price and a tariff revision – so it’s not only going to be scarce, it’s going to become more expensive as well,” said Colvin.

“There’s an assumption that if we charge more for water, people will use it more wisely and more carefully, and we need to test that assumption,” she said.

Source: News 24

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