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Rich paying too little for water, says WWF

Too little waterCape Town – The cost of water is unevenly distributed in South Africa as the wealthy pay far less for quality water than they should, an environmental organisation has said. “The rich are, for the volumes they’re consuming, paying relatively little for very reliable drinking quality water, and meanwhile the poor are paying an inordinate cost, either in cash terms, or in labour terms or in terms of the burden of disease that they’re bearing linked to that… for poor amounts and poor quality water,” hydrogeologist Christine Colvin, senior manager of fresh water programmes at the WWF SA told News24. South African tap water is widely recognised to be of an acceptable drinking standard, but the picture of quality drinking water is not uniform across the country. “Although the vast majority of our tap water is good to drink especially in the urban areas of South Africa, in the rural areas or in some of the informal areas we have very shaky water service delivery,” said Colvin. Source: News 24

Click the link to view Water tariff for Cape Town 2013-2014

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