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Louis Trichardt: Albasini water plant “a mess”

No doubt residents have often wondered why, more often than not, there is no water in Makhado (Louis Trichardt).

water problem“The Albasini water scheme is a mess,” is the verdict, not taking into account the fact that, of the 14 municipal boreholes to the southwest of the town, none is operational, and of the new boreholes in town, drilled at huge cost, none is linked to a reservoir.

The 14 boreholes have been non-operational for quite some time, but the great shocker is what is transpiring at the crucial Albasini water treatment plant.

AfriForum’s local chairperson, Mr Wally Schultz, and the deputy chairperson, engineer Duncan Campbell, spent three days at the plant over the past week. “Everything at the Albasini is a mess!” said an exasperated Schultz. After many hours, they figured out that the biggest problem (or challenge, if that term is preferred) is not the brand new pump which had been purchased at R750 000 and which had broken down much too soon, but the total mess at the plant. The fact is that the whole system is not fully operational or being maintained and not enough water is coming into the system. AfriForum has now given the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM) 10 days to rectify the problems at the plant.

Water from the Albasini Dam flows through zigzag channels at a certain stage to mix with the flocculent, and a brown, muddy substance forms on the surface of the water. The water then flows into a sedimentation tank. A rotation bridge depresses and opens a valve at a certain point to release the sludge. Clean water is then supposed to run into the sand filter to be purified and to run from the side channel, past the chlorine room, into transparent pipes before it is pumped out into the main line.


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