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What to do with all this rain

Intaka Island | Greywater and Rainwater harvesting systems

Rain harvesting and greywater recycling system

The earth has more water than land but not all of it is potable. The limited options often fall short of meeting demands and water shortage is faced by many. Despite this fact many of us fail to realize the importance of this life saving natural resource and tend to waste a good deal of it. It is time we woke up and gave water its due importance. This will be beneficial for every living being and create a better world. On a personal basis each one of us can do our part and take steps like adopting water harvesting methods.

Rainwater harvesting for indoor use is one of the many applications we can put rainwater to. Once you start harvesting rainwater you will get to experience its benefits. For one it is a free source of water. It contains less chemicals than municipal water. Once you start showering or bathing in rainwater your skin is less dry and your hair feels softer.

The water falling from the sky is collected in tanks for future use. Harvesting water brings down your utility bills. It gives you the pleasures of harvesting your very own water taking you a step closer to living a greener life. Being self-dependent is an amazing feeling and rainwater harvesting makes you feel that independence. Your water meter reading may not change for months as you live on your stored rainwater supply.

So many benefits for taking up rainwater harvesting methods are sure to kindle a fire in you. Your purpose could be limited to indoor use or simply for garden irrigation  or for multiple uses but you will surely be contributing towards a better tomorrow. Depending upon place, facility and convenience you can adopt a rainwater harvesting system that best suits you and your requirement.

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