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Large parts of Johannesburg with out water

While South Africans are bracing for regular power cuts, Johannesburg residents will be without water this weekend.

water supply problemsThe city will be doing maintenance on its Eikenhof Pump Station from Saturday evening at 6pm until Sunday evening at 7pm.

Johannesburg Water’s Eleanor Mavimbela says large parts of the city will be affected.

“Roodepoort, Randburg, Soweto, Langlaagte and Southdale are among the areas that will be without water.”

She said Rand Water will still supply water but at lower capacity and there might be low pressure but water tanks will be provided in those areas.

Last year, a number of suburbs in Johannesburg were without water for several days because of a power outage at its Eikeinhof Pumping Station.

Rand Water attributed the widespread shortages to high demands due to warmer weather conditions.

Source: EWN

Haven’t we heard this before; urgent maintenance to infrastructure causes water and power outage… Unfortunately this is a reality that many South Africans will come accustomed to if they aren’t already. Years of improper maintenance has crippled state infrastructure to the point where even the smallest glitched leave the country unable to cope with demand.

What does it take to government proof your home? 

A well designed rainwater harvesting system will allow your home to be off the grid for several months a year, while also acting as an emergency water supply. This type of system will allow you to automatically switch over from rainwater to municipal water should you need to. The typical system is made up of the following components:
Rainwater storage tank
Pressure pump with controller
Reticulation manifold
Pressure vessels
Rainwater filters


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