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8 Advantages of having your own rainwater harvesting system

rainwater tapResidents from Hilton, Winterskloof and Mount Michael are angry and frustrated after suffering through almost three weeks of continuous water cuts.

They are now demanding action from the uMgungundlovu District Municipality, or they say they will take the municipality to court.

The Umgungundlovu District Municipality’s Bheki Mbambo apologised to residents for the inconvenience of the unplanned water cuts.

He explained that the problem was mainly to do with the ageing infrastructure in the area.

“The pipelines in the affected areas are very old, and there are several leaks that have been detected which we are trying to fix.

Source: IOL

Reports, similar to the one above, are on the increase with residence finding them selves, unexpectedly, without water. Unfortunately there is little we as residence can do other than report leaks as we spot them. The true problem falls on the government and municipality and with years of no or improper maintenance to infrastructure the situation is bound to get much worse. Instead of asking and nagging the government to do something about it, residence could be asking themselves a different question to secure a water supply.

That question is:

How can I help myself, how can I secure my own water supply for my family?

There is a solution, that has been around for many, many years but we were conned into believing the government could do better. The solution is an integrated rainwater harvesting supply. These have many advantages.

8 Advantages of having your own rainwater harvesting system:

1) You harvest your own water – You own it.

2) It’s free

3) Water quality can easily be regulated.

4) The water storage tanks act as an emergency water supply. (no reliance on government / municipalities)

5) Rainwater can be sent into the home for all purposes. (Baths, showers, toilets, drinking, laundry, gardening)

6) Rainwater does not contain nasty tasting chlorine.

7) You get off the grid. (Government proof your home)

8) Life goes on as you imagined and planned. (No more disruptions or waiting)

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