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Water outage expected in Ladysmith unless it rains

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Western Cape authorities say they fear Ladismith may experience a drought if its local dam doesn’t fill up soon.

Following unusually low rainfall in the area in recent years, the Jan F Le Grange dam is unable to sustain the town.

Officials say a crack in the dam wall has exacerbated the problem, limiting its maximum capacity to 60 percent.

Local Government and Environmental Affairs MEC Anton Bredell says the region is on the brink of a water crisis.

“We’ve only got water left for one month, it’s becoming a crisis. We will set up meetings with the municipality on the provincial disaster management side we will institute water saving measures and request the public work with us on this because we don’t know when we will get more rain in that area.”

Source: EWN

What to do in the face of water outages as dam levels drop.

Dam levels in the Western Cape are dropping quickly due to the summer heat and residence not using water sparingly. Rain is the only way that could save many household from drying up as other water sources, including desalination are not available or too cost intensive.

By harvesting rainwater and recycling greywater the average household could save as much as 90% of their water bill. Over the rainy months households can expect to not use municipal water at all. During the dry summer months household can supplement their rainwater supplies with municipal water while recycling their greywater (bath, shower and laundry water) for garden irrigation.

Not only does rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse minimise  municipal water use but it allows for municipal independence and off-grid living.

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