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Water for thirsty Medupi

I KEEP hearing rumours about Medupi, the coal-fired power station that is turning out to be the most expensive ever built anywhere. The station’s foundations are being built 50% below requirement. No, they’re not. Oh, well, the boiler foundation structure is prejudiced. When I ran a check, the answer was no, it’s not.

Which is […]

Power and Water Collide

Wind and solar photovoltaics require no water to generate electricity. Conserving energy and becoming more energy efficient doesn’t require a drop. […]

Shale Gas versus Renewable Energy

Renewables could meet up to 77% of the global primary energy supply by 2050 […]

What party to vote for: Environmental Issues and the Elections

Might you be voting for your political party because of its Environmental policies? If not why not? Download the comparison chart below to identify which party is already looking after the needs of our future generations yet to come. […]

What we don’t but should know about coal fired power plants

The sum total of water required for all of the power stations is six times the equivalent volume of the Vaal dam […]

Wind Farm to Replace the Old Athlone Power Station

What a great idea by the City of Cape Town. This area of Cape Town is well know for being extremly windy and would lend itself very well to Wind power. South Africa’s leading energy supplier has announced that, in conjunction with the City of Cape Town, it will be converting the old Athlone coal […]

Water tanks save energy

Do you know that by installing a rainwater tank you will be taking a very decisive eco-friendly step towards solving our water scarcity issues? Not only that but when you store rainwater you save the energy required to treat and pump fresh water to your house. Instead of having your municipal fresh water pumped to […]

The first to kick the Carbon habit.

There are still many countries that are hesitant to rely on wind and solar energy as a replacement for their dirt carbon habits. This is not the case for Germany which predicts that it could kick its carbon habit by 2050 using today’s technology.

If one of the world best industrialised nations is able to […]

London opts for a desalination plant

There is an increasing number of countries that are being forced to build salt water desalination plants in the wake of water scarcity. Commercial desalination plants are highly energy intensive and produce essential fresh drinking water at the cost of a large carbon footprint.

Desalination is not sustainable, it encourages a wasteful attitude in the […]

How “green” is the FIFA World Cup?

How green is the World Cup? According to Bobby Peek from friends of the Earth South Africa carbon offsetting, neutralising the total carbon production, is no more than a “greenwash”.

2010 fifa world cup mascot, Zakumi

In the planning phases of the world cup there was once talk from the […]