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What is greywater recycling

If you’re unfamiliar with this type of recycling, the No. 1 question on your mind is likely: What is greywater, anyway?

To put it simply, greywater is water from bathroom sinks, tubs, showers and laundry washing machines. Despite frequent confusion, greywater does not include water from toilets, kitchen sinks and automatic dishwashers (this is called […]

2013 water restrictions warning – Cape Town

Capetonians have been warned to adhere to restrictions on using water to water gardens or face stiff penalties. […]

What to do with rainwater

I found this fantastic blog, which tells the story so much better than I could. Of course it relates to another city, in another country, but it’s well worth a read.

Basically, a US study found that if a city captured and used the rain that fell on its rooftops, it could meet the water […]

Sustainable aesthetics keystone for water conservation

WATER conservation is loudly supported throughout Australian society, but a study by researchers from CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences has shown aesthetics and good old-fashioned neighbourhood competition are shaping Perth resident’s views on sustainable domestic water use.

According to the study published in Landscape and Urban Planning in January, general community aesthetics and the notion of ‘outdoing […]

Safe use of greywater for vegetable gardening

Safe use of greywater for urban food production

The potential contribution of household and urban food gardens to food security is limited by a shortage of water which can be used to supplement rainfall. Greywater may help to overcome this limitation by providing a dependable source of water that is under the control of […]

Is greywater safe? (Greywater irrigation)

Greywater never includes water from the toilet for health reasons and it is inadvisable to use kitchen water due the higher oil and food content. […]

Grey technology saves water

“Have you ever had the opportunity to watch your kids stare out the window after a bath and watch as their bath water gently sprays out onto the garden? To them this is a moment of utter amazement.” […]

Using Grey Water for Irrigation in the Organic Garden

When gardeners obey the cardinal rule for using greywater (Greywater is not to be stored) then using greywater for irrigation is perfect for organic vegetable gardening as long as organic soaps and cleaners are used. […]

Stellenbosch Municipality urges residence to reduce water use

We urge residents to…immediately stop with irrigating of gardens and also to try and save water and be conservative with water, […]

Bergvliet – Borehole runs dry.

At the start of December it is unusual for a borehole to have run dry, or is it? It has already happened to one Bergvliet property that I know of.

After receiving a distressed message for a Bergvliet resident that her borehole had run dry she was wanting to know what her options were. It […]