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The True Cost of Electricity Calculated

The True Cost of Electricity Calculated […]

Barrels of radioactive uranium discovered near Swakop beach

Unguarded barrels of radioactive uranium (yellow cake) have been discovered on Swakopmund beach. Near the sewerage works at Tamariskia investigators found 4 barrels.

Tests show the content to be highly radioactive. The attempt at smuggling the barrels of uranium raise serious concerns over the possible contamination of Swakop’s water systems and the security […]

Power and Water Collide

Wind and solar photovoltaics require no water to generate electricity. Conserving energy and becoming more energy efficient doesn’t require a drop. […]

What we don’t but should know about coal fired power plants

The sum total of water required for all of the power stations is six times the equivalent volume of the Vaal dam […]

Solar Energy Cheaper Than Nuclear Energy

"Solar Energy is Now the Better Buy" after reaching a "Historic Crossover"

The costs for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have fallen steadily while construction costs for new nuclear power plants have been rising over the past decade, which now makes electricity generated from new solar installations cheaper than electricity from proposed new nuclear […]