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Rhodes creates cheap water testing kit

Rhodes creates cheap water testing kit […]

What to do with greywater

Established in 1994, Water Rhapsody, in many ways wrote the rule books on greywater reuse and recycling […]

Safe use of greywater for vegetable gardening

Safe use of greywater for urban food production

The potential contribution of household and urban food gardens to food security is limited by a shortage of water which can be used to supplement rainfall. Greywater may help to overcome this limitation by providing a dependable source of water that is under the control of […]

Grey technology saves water

“Have you ever had the opportunity to watch your kids stare out the window after a bath and watch as their bath water gently sprays out onto the garden? To them this is a moment of utter amazement.” […]

Wildevoel vlei turns toxic.

City of Cape Town and Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) were invited to discuss the ongoing eutrophication causing toxicity in Wildevoel Vlei […]

Will soapy water damage our plants?

A question that is frequently asked of us when we are called to quote on a greywater irrigation systems is, “Will soapy water damage my plants?”

Like in all areas of life there are ways to misuse everything and grey water is no exception. When grey water is filtered properly and used correctly, grey water […]

Laundry detergents are killing the eco-system

Many South Africans are not aware that our popular laundry detergents are polluting the environment. This is not because we are reckless or intentionally waste the laundry soap. Rather this is because the popular washing powder manufactures continue to add useless chemicals, that we the consumer pay for, that do not aid a clean wash. […]