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Drinking recycled water:

The recycled water could be released into the main supply for public consumption within 18 months, with the city’s dams on the verge of running dry. […]

COSATU threatens protest over water crisis

Cape Town – Cosatu warned on Thursday that it would mobilise its members for protest action if the government did not address the looming water crisis soon. […]

Water prices set to soar

South Africans must brace themselves for steep water tariff increases in the coming months, water experts have warned. […]

Greener car washing

Modern car washes use far less water than a home wash and they recycle their water. […]

11 Ways to Use Less in 2011

Here are some things to consider using less of in the coming year: […]

Stellenbosch Municipality urges residence to reduce water use

We urge residents to…immediately stop with irrigating of gardens and also to try and save water and be conservative with water, […]

Beaufort West water reclamation plant

Beaufort West will start using recycled sewage water when the town’s direct water reclamation plant starts operating next week. […]

Why go for grey?

They know by irrigating their lawns and gardens with greywater they are seen as being environmentally friendly.. […]

Irrigate your garden every day

The Water Rhapsody Grey Water System provides you with a constant source of water for your plants everyday of the year by using recycled water from your shower, bath, or washing machine for irrigation. This second use of water allows you care for your plants throughout the year, even in seasons of drought and allows you to practice responsible conservation irrigation. […]

Urgent call for water savings at carwashes.

Car washes have always been major water users. However this can be changed, as advanced car-wash water recycling systems (Greywater bio digestion) are able reduce the fresh water consumption by 70%. It is expected that Municipalities will pass laws making it mandatory for all carwashes to recycling water. […]