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Save water with garden irrigation systems

If you want to save on irrigation costs, here are some ways you can do just that. And not only will these save you money, but they’ll also save you time and effort so you can enjoy your garden.

1) Reuse bathwater: Also known as greywater, water from the bath, shower, hand wash basin, and […]

Greening South Africa’s economy

The South African minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel is encouraging a cross-departmental approach to stimulate a greener economy. If South Africa is to benefit from a future where green technologies and sustainability are essential then the country needs to invest in educating and supporting green activism. These kinds of investment will also aid South […]

Making Rain Clouds With Lasers

Who ever thought shooting a laser at the sky would let it rain?

Let it rain!!

Shooting lasers at the sky can make the germ of a rain cloud, a new study shows. In an experiment that smacks of science fiction, scientists used a high-powered laser to squeeze water from air, both indoors […]

Solving Cape Town's water woes with desalination

This article from the IOL shows us the true state of Cape Towns Water woes. All Cape Town fresh water resources are already being used. These are estimated only to be enough til 2014. In a desperate move to augment Cape Towns dwindling water supply the city might start desalinating sea water. This might be […]

10 ways to green your office

I remember the days when society started to change the way they communicated. The rage of how some day their would be a paperless office and how everything would be sent via email. No more fax machines, no more bank statements and letter in the post. All it would all be done at the click […]

Solar flight take to the skys

Solar powered plane might only be in their infancy but will they be the planes of the future? What are the other applications of renewable energy that will become the norm in the years to come?

Solar Plane

PAYERNE, Switzerland — Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard’s team took its round-the-world solar plane […]

Installing a grey water system

I am frequently asked questions about grey water irrigation systems from home builder and home owners. These are the answers to some of those frequently asked questions. Q: At what stage of the building development must the planning of this system be done preferably?

A: For a new home, the planning should be done when […]

Grahamstown is out of water

As another South African city runs out of water


our president’s sentiment of our water poor country is proving to be a sad reality. This time it is the Municipality of Makana in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. Two of its supply dams are almost empty and some residents have been experiencing water outages […]

Urinals for the home.

Would you ever consider installing a urinal in your home?

Male Urinals

Urinals seems sensible when you’re in a public loo so why haven’t they been welcome in your home bathrooms? They don’t take up much space or plumbing and don’t always require water.

The typical toilet consumes 9 litres of clean drinking […]

International report on water

Across the globe, more and more people are starting to focus their attention on water. This is due the the increasing scarcity of clean water. Last week South Africa celebrated National Water Week, while at the start of this, the world celebrated World Water Day.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a speech Monday, […]