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South African sanitation concerns

The issue surrounding South Africa’s wasterwater treatment works have been in deep waters for several months as the Water Department’s “Green Drop” report has been over due for many months. Buyelwa Sonjica, minister of water affairs, says this sanitation report will be released on April 19 2010.

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Water minister Buyelwa […]

Typical Household Electricity use

The typical home consumes between 230kWh and 340kWh per person per month. In Cape Town one unit of electricity costs 64 cents a kWh… […]

Methane moves to front burner

Methane gas may be getting more attention soon as a renewable energy source and a way to contain odor issues, which have plagued livestock farms wastewater treatment plants and land fills.

The other biofuel

Methane has been the also-ran in the biofuels race, despite a years-long record of being used in some interesting ways to […]

China is serious about renewable energy.

China installed more new wind turbines than either Europe or the United States last year, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) says. […]

Southern Cape dam levels update

With some dams dropping as much as 1.2% over the past week. Current water usage is definitely not sustainable. […]

Cape Town water week

The city of Cape Town will be taken a great step towards educating people in the importance of being water wise during the first week of March (March 2 – 7). In a hope to really drive the message home of the importance of having fresh water some of the weeks activities will be extended […]