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The hidden cost of water cuts

“We were without water for 12 days except for early in the morning most days, […]

Western Cape dam level May 9 2011

Over both of the previous months, March ans April, the Western Cape has experienced less than average rainfall. This in culmination with a high population has the Western Cape drawing down it’s dams faster than previously see. […]

UK rainwater harvesting market growth report

the rapid and sustained growth of the rain water harvesting market in recent years, with market volume rising by almost 850% in the last 5 years. […]

A dry winter expected for the Western Cape

The weather service at Cape Town International Airport said the long-term forecast for the province done on January 17 predicted that rainfall would be 33% below normal in April, May and June this year. […]

Water conservation for climate change concerns

By investing in a home greywater and / or a rainwater harvesting system you could save as much as 90% on your municipal water bill. […]

Defining SA’s water crisis

South Africa’s real water crisis is that the stuff is just too damn complicated. What do you think about when you worry about water? […]

Heavy rains cause water shortages

When harvesting rainwater with Water Rhapsody’s UPWS “uninterupted pressurised water supply” you can rest assured that you will have pressurised water inside your home at all times, in spite or inevitable water outages. […]

Klein Karoo stuck with out water

The people of Ladismith in the Klein Karoo semi-desert of the Western Cape remember well when they last were short of water. […]

Beaufort West rations its water

It has become more frequent that stories like the following, from Die Burger, has come to our attention. There are more and more boreholes that are running dry. Boreholes that are no longer able to supply homeowners with water. […]