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Council ordered to restore water

By installing water tanks and/or rainwater harvesting systems, residents have the luxury of always being assured of a fresh water supply despite interruptions in the municipal supply. […]

What to do with rainwater

I found this fantastic blog, which tells the story so much better than I could. Of course it relates to another city, in another country, but it’s well worth a read.

Basically, a US study found that if a city captured and used the rain that fell on its rooftops, it could meet the water […]

Sustainable aesthetics keystone for water conservation

WATER conservation is loudly supported throughout Australian society, but a study by researchers from CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences has shown aesthetics and good old-fashioned neighbourhood competition are shaping Perth resident’s views on sustainable domestic water use.

According to the study published in Landscape and Urban Planning in January, general community aesthetics and the notion of ‘outdoing […]

Where people have to rely on tanks for their daily water

For years residents in these areas have had to draw water from tanks provided by the Umjindi municipality.

Residents said the municipality only filled the water tanks once every two weeks.

“Sometimes we don’t have water for three to four weeks,” said Priscillah Nkosi, 30, of Ka-Madakwa Ndlovu.

There is a water tank outside her […]

Rainwater harvesting needs political buy-in to relieve water poverty

Water is unlike other scarce natural resources: it underpins all aspects of society, from ecology to agriculture to industry – and it has no known substitutes. Like oxygen, water is fundamental to life. Water is also an integral part of the production systems that generate wealth and guarantees well-being.

Water provision is the most basic […]

Harvesting Rainwater in Cape Town

“If the water won’t be used for irrigation, what other use could this clean water be for?” There must be something better than sending it down the stormwater pipe. […]

South African cities must prepare for water challenges

South African cities need to prepare for rapidly increasing oil prices, unpredictable rainfall patterns and fresh water demand […]

The art of Rainwater Harvesting

Area’s around Cape Town experience 5 months of rainfall that is above 50mm. It is over this period that garden require little to non irrigation. This is when water tanks are either filling up or stand full and overflow excess water to waste. […]

Problem: A looming water shortage.

The maximum consumption that SA’s water resources can sustain will be reached in about five years, warns Engineering Council of SA […]

South African Dam Report 2011

deputy director-general for water resources infrastructure, Cornelius Ruiters, said of the 359 dams owned by the department, 161 needed “rehabilitation […]