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Water conservation is now critical ~ Zimbabwe

There are growing fears that by 2025, half of the world’s population will not have sufficient water supplies to meet its needs. […]

Groundwater – Everything You Need to Know

it can take centuries, or even millennia, for groundwater levels to be replenished naturally. The Great Artesian Basin in Australia has water that is two million years old! […]

What our dam levels aren’t warning us about

depending on the quality of rainfall either ground water (aquifers) or dam recharge is favoured. Even as our dams might be close to full, our underground water supplies might not be. […]

Bergvliet – Borehole runs dry.

At the start of December it is unusual for a borehole to have run dry, or is it? It has already happened to one Bergvliet property that I know of.

After receiving a distressed message for a Bergvliet resident that her borehole had run dry she was wanting to know what her options were. It […]

Beaufort West – Water crisis!

It is only a matter of time before boreholes and wellpoints start drying up and force homeowner to search for alternative sources of water. […]

Study: Overpumping Draws Down the World’s Groundwater Reserves

The rate at which these critical groundwater aquifers are being sucked dry doubled between 1960 and 2000. The trend, which contributes to the rise of sea levels, at the same time threatens the fresh water supplies around the globe. […]

Western Cape Rainfall plummets

The following graph is taken from the Department of Water Affairs and it clearly indicated that the Western Cape region could be threatened with severe water scarcity similar to that of the Southern Cape. […]

Greywater garden irrigation vs. Boreholes

heard of the concept of showering more to save water, then it might sound counter intuitive, but… […]

My Garden

Greywater irrigation is the perfect solution to keeping a green garden throughout summer while being exempt from watering restriction. Get your free quote today […]

Cape Town rainfall, a garden / landscaping nightmare

Cape Town gardeners will resort to desperate measures this summer to protect their landscaping form extinction. This is because Cape Town’s rainfall has now entered a lower that average rainfall pattern (Drought cycle).

In the grips of a drought cycle (source: DWAF)

For those of us with good […]