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Western Cape Rainfall for July 2011

It should be noted that even with the accumulated rainfall being higher than the norm, the two bigest dams that supply Cape town are still under the 80% mark […]

Western Cape Dam Levels July 2011

Surprising for those living in Cape Town is that our dam levels have risen even in when no rain has fallen from the skies. Something sinister must be going on. […]

Western Cape rainfall, June 2011

Cape Town has experienced a week of summer like weather over the past 10 days. These 10 days of summer is bound to have an impact on the city’s water supply. […]

Dam levels for Cape Town, Start of June 2011

Dams supplying water to the City of Cape Town are at their lowest in 4 years. Even with higher than normal rain over May. […]

Western Cape Rainfall pattern, April 2011

Over April less than half the amount of rain fell compared to the average. This confirms the the regions 7 year drought cycling. The last time Cape Town and the surrounding areas were through into a severe water shortage was 2004. […]

Western Cape dam level May 9 2011

Over both of the previous months, March ans April, the Western Cape has experienced less than average rainfall. This in culmination with a high population has the Western Cape drawing down it’s dams faster than previously see. […]

Harvesting Rainwater in Cape Town

“If the water won’t be used for irrigation, what other use could this clean water be for?” There must be something better than sending it down the stormwater pipe. […]

South African cities must prepare for water challenges

South African cities need to prepare for rapidly increasing oil prices, unpredictable rainfall patterns and fresh water demand […]

Water crisis looms in Cape

CAPE TOWN has in the past year experienced one of its worst rainfall figures in almost 90 years, and a sustained drought could deplete the region’s fresh water supply. […]

Western Cape Rainfall pattern | January

It is advised that household use alternative sources of water, including greywater to irrigate gardens and to conserve water where possible. It should be encouraged that all communities start practicing water saving behaviours. […]