What is Greywater recycling?


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What is Greywater?

Greywater is water from baths, showers, hand basins and clothes washing machines / laundry. Water from other sources (toilets, kitchen sink, dishwashers and bidets) is considered to be black water. Black-water must be treated by some sort of sewerage treatment works.

Why is it called greywater?

Greywater is by no means clean drinking water. Once you step out the bath, the water that remains in the tub has a grey appearance, hence the name greywater. The same is true for the water that runs into your shower drain and the water pumped out by you washing machine.

How can greywater be used?

A typical bath uses 120 litres and a shower 80 litres of water. You pay for it as it passes your water meter and then it is sent to waste down the drain. The Aquagrey grey water reuse system uses this water to immediately irrigate your garden. The reuse of grey water can save you a substantial amount on your water bill.

Greywater re-use is a solution to the problems relating to demand and supply management of water in South Africa as well as worldwide.

* Supply management of water is water supplied by the municipality to your doorstep. The supply of water is severely stressed in South Africa. In simple terms, we do not have any more rivers to dam up. Building bigger dams will only help marginally as our dams depend on rainfall to be filled.

* Demand management is how you or the municipality manages the use of water, a precious resource.

Greywater is the biggest contributor to wastage of water and the biggest contributor to sewage spills.

A best 33% of water consumed in a home is normally thrown away, and at worst perhaps 50%. It is preposterous that any municipality allows this precious source of good water to be put to waste. Greywater is very useful for two purposes, re-use for toilet flushing or for garden irrigation.

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