How can I use greywater for garden irrigation?

Avid home gardeners usually pride themselves on their well manicured lush green lawns and gardens. However, not only do these require continuous attention but also thousands and thousands of litres of water.

For many homeowners that are able to spend approximately R80,000 to sink a borehole, finding time to spend attending to the garden is the most of their concerns, not spending precious drinking water to keep their garden green. Weather or not you have the luxury of a borehole and still wish to have the pleasures of a lush green garden, with out spending a significant portion of their earning on their water bill, a greywater irrigation systems offers you your perfect solution.

How does a Greywater irrigation system work?

Water from your shower, bath, and laundry can be used to irrigate your garden. This water is high in nutrients and helps fertilize the soil. The wash water also known as grey water is sent though a filter and once enough water is collected it is automatically sprinkled over your garden. Typically this would be at times when there is a high indoor water demand, usually early morning and late evening.

With a grey water irrigation system you’ll no longer forget the garden tap on, or worry which days of the week is your allocated watering day. You’ll be able to plan the rest of your day without needing to be at home to water your precious garden. Just take a shower or bath, which ever you prefer, wash your laundry and the grey water system takes care of your garden. While you relax in your bath know that your plants will appreciate every drop and know that the water won’t be put to waste.  This is smart irrigation.

Here’s a solution that’s not about reducing your use, it’s just about
more effective use of the water you’ve already used in your homes!

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