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water efficient showerheadsAbout 40% of a family’s total indoor water consumption is used in the shower. Although taking shorter showers certainly helps reduce this vast water use, changing just one traditional showerhead for a high efficiency showerhead – like one of Niagara’s Earth™ Massage 7.6 litres per minute (lpm) showerheads, can help save thousands of litres of water per year; plus the energy used for heating the shower water! If your current showerhead flows at 20 lpm, these showerheads will provide you with savings of more than 60% on what you are now using.

All of our Earth™ Massage showerheads share the following features:

  • 9-Jet Turbo Massage is adjustable:  gentle spray to forceful massage jets
  • Maximum flow rate: 7.6 litres per minute (lpm)
  • Consistent flow rate
  • Non-removable flow compensator
  • Non-aerating spray means less temperature loss with maximum energy savings
  • Self-cleaning and maintenance-free
  • Corrosion-resistant, high-impact ABS thermoplastic body
  • Meets or exceeds American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications
  • 10-year guarantee on all parts

SA National Energy Efficiency Agency

Evaluated and listed by Eskom as a energy  saving product and  endorsed by the  South African  National Energy Efficiency Agency. (NEEA)

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