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Top 10 Renewable Energy News Stories

1. U2 Will Help Raise Money for Turkish Geothermal Plant – The environmentally and socially conscious, and outrageously popular band U2 announced it will not only purchase carbon offsets to balance the carbon footprint of its tour, but has also asked its fans to purchase offsets to balance out the greenhouse gas emissions they produce […]

SA's electricity crisis

With Eskom in crisis and the price of electricity set to rise dramatically over the next 2 year, it is becoming increasingly important for South Africans to change the way we use power. Not only will it be necessary for us to use electricity more sporadically but also to use more energy efficient appliances.

With […]

Wind-Power is viable in the Cape

The Ireland based renewable power company, Mainstream, reviewed an 18 month wind study in the Cape to determine if South African wind is of sufficient quality to generate power. The wind sites are spread across the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape. The great finding of their report shows that South African winds are constant and […]

Turning food waste into Fuel

For many of us our food scraps are either boxed up for that lonely leftover meal or thrown away in the trash with all our other non recyclable waste. However these food scraps, which are sent to landfills, are now getting the attention of scavenging energy corporations as perceptions are changing and the potential value […]

Sewage powers up the grid

Once the sewage settles and the foul water is processed in the typical wastewater treatment plant, left behind is a heaping helping of biomass, biomass (fuel) that is normally hauled off for disposal. But now the Regional District of Nanaimo (Canada) has set its eyes on it or should I say the methane in the […]

North Sea wind turbine farming

The follow story from REVE.

A consortium in the Netherlands plans to build a wind power farm in the North Sea 75 kilometres off the coast, the furthest ever distance from land for such a venture.

Netherlands plans to build a wind farm in the North Sea 75 kilometres off the coast The group, which […]

Methane moves to front burner

Methane gas may be getting more attention soon as a renewable energy source and a way to contain odor issues, which have plagued livestock farms wastewater treatment plants and land fills.

The other biofuel

Methane has been the also-ran in the biofuels race, despite a years-long record of being used in some interesting ways to […]

Farming wind for South Africa

Wind farming in South Africa may still be expensive but are we able to see the benefits of this free energy in the years to come. As Eskom will be increasing its price of electricity over the next few years to cover costs that include mining and transporting of coal, not forgetting the carbon tax […]

Haiti is saved by Solar water purifiers

After the devestating earthquake that struck Haiti the entire country is still in dire need of fresh drinking water. With many of Haiti population either dying of thurst of other illnesses related to unsafe drinking water a US solar company will be donating solar powered water filtration units to the Port-au-Prince area.

The large solor […]

North American International Auto Show

This weekend marked the end of the 2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The show featured a 37000 square foot section on the main floor, Electric Avenue, showcasing EVs (Electric vehicles) by both traditional and innovative entrepreneurs. The exhibit area feature juts under 20 EVs.

This is a definite step in the right direction. […]