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TAU-SA wants anwers on water pollution

Agricultural union TAU-SA wants answers on whether the Director of Public Prosecutions […]

Water scarcity warning by Deputy Minister

“South Africa is a water-stressed country. We need to harvest water because failure to do so will result in water shortages… food insecurities.” – DWAF […]

Contaminated by acid mine water

I saw dead fish floating and I appeal to people not to swim there. The water is polluted… acid mine drainage […]

Why should we desalinate sea water?

Why should we desalinate sea water? Your guess would be just as good as mine.

Supposed authorities have latched on the the term and has started colloquialising the word. Desalination should not have the association of “mankind embracing new technology.” Nor should it be seen as an environmentally sound practice.

Desalination conjurers up thoughts […]

Acid mine drainage plan

Finally some kind of action will be taken to resolve a pert of the issues of the rising acid water in Johannesburg mines. The solution to pump the water out feels much like covering the problem up with a plaster but at least some kind of action is being taken.

I am very uncertain as […]

Water Affairs supports Phosphate free detergents

Phosphate, a basic element that is readily used in cleaning detergents to soften water to allow a foamy wash might get the boot. This is after Water and Environmental Affairs Minister, Buyelwa Sonjica gave her support to go phosphate free (zero-P)

There is a misconception that the addition of phosphate to washing power aids in […]

R1 Billion in debt: Water boards

Would you ever have imagined that even though you are not in arrears on your water bill, there is still a chance that your water will be cut off. This may sound ridiculous but this of great concern. If certain municipalities continuous to not pay for water than the Department of Environmental and Water Affairs […]

Mines operate without water licence

This article for the Times really pushes my hot-buttons. It leads me to question whether the people that are supposed to be taking care of our future and our country actually give a damn. I was left speechless when I heard that in the last year many more mines have opened without water licenses.

In […]

Aurora in trouble for polluting ground water

It is slowly but surely coming to the attention of the general public that the mining sector that plays a significant role in stabilising and growing the South African economy is doing it at a disastrous environmental cost to the country. The countries mineral wealth is being extracted and replaced with toxic chemical that will […]

Zuma talks Water at the State of the Nation Address on Thursday.

“We are not a water rich country. Yet we still lose a lot of water through leaking pipes and inadequate infrastructure. […]