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Water shortages in Springbok worsen

“It is as if Cape Town has encompassed itself in a ignorant water bubble, one that might pop any second.” […]

UK rainwater harvesting market growth report

the rapid and sustained growth of the rain water harvesting market in recent years, with market volume rising by almost 850% in the last 5 years. […]

Problem: A looming water shortage.

The maximum consumption that SA’s water resources can sustain will be reached in about five years, warns Engineering Council of SA […]

A dry winter expected for the Western Cape

The weather service at Cape Town International Airport said the long-term forecast for the province done on January 17 predicted that rainfall would be 33% below normal in April, May and June this year. […]

Drylands and Desertification

Drought-induced crop failure can result in direct food shortages at a local level, usually affecting subsistence agriculturists the hardest. Removal of vegetation […]

Western Cape Rainfall plummets

The following graph is taken from the Department of Water Affairs and it clearly indicated that the Western Cape region could be threatened with severe water scarcity similar to that of the Southern Cape. […]

Will Cape Town follow in the footsteps of Australia: water conservation

If you thought South Africa’s water situation was bad then consider what is happening in Australia. Out of necessity Australia is leading the world when it comes to issues water conservation and sustainability. The continent has experienced 10 years of drought and has had to find innovative ways to supply an ever expanding population with […]