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A green light for Lanseria Corporate Estate

Treated water is then returned to the environment for irrigation and other greywater uses, which should result in substantial water savings at the estate. […]

What party to vote for: Environmental Issues and the Elections

Might you be voting for your political party because of its Environmental policies? If not why not? Download the comparison chart below to identify which party is already looking after the needs of our future generations yet to come. […]

Water tanks save energy

Do you know that by installing a rainwater tank you will be taking a very decisive eco-friendly step towards solving our water scarcity issues? Not only that but when you store rainwater you save the energy required to treat and pump fresh water to your house. Instead of having your municipal fresh water pumped to […]

London opts for a desalination plant

There is an increasing number of countries that are being forced to build salt water desalination plants in the wake of water scarcity. Commercial desalination plants are highly energy intensive and produce essential fresh drinking water at the cost of a large carbon footprint.

Desalination is not sustainable, it encourages a wasteful attitude in the […]