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Cape Town dam levels report December 2011

Of the 5 dams that supply Cape Town of its drinking water the two largest, Theewaterskloof (480.2 million cubic meters) and Voelvlei (158.6 million cubic meters), are considerabilly lower than the previous year. While the bergriver dam which comes in third at 127.1 million cubic meters is slightly lower than last year.

Both Steenbras dams […]

Dam levels around Cape Town sink lower

Theewaterskloof and Voelvlei dams are considerably lower, more than 11% and 16% respectively. […]

Water Affairs wades in on beach development

THE NATIONAL Water Affairs Department says it is determined to protect water sources, especially wetlands […]

Cape Town World Water Day shortfalls

As aging infrastructure and a wasteful attitude are to blame for much of the Cities water concerns it is still surprising that the city is still not trying to tackle the issue of water and sanitation at the cause of the problem. […]

A dry winter expected for the Western Cape

The weather service at Cape Town International Airport said the long-term forecast for the province done on January 17 predicted that rainfall would be 33% below normal in April, May and June this year. […]

Fears are confirmed at Cape Town rethinks water

Ways to address the issue including drilling into ground water resources and desalination have been discussed but both are entirely unsustainable. Currently the city halfheartedly supports greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting […]

Helen Zille does her part to promote water saving

The City of Cape Town’s mayor, Helen Zille, is leading by example and has adopted the attitude of monitoring her household water consumption. […]

Cape Town tightens up on water. Expect water restrictions

Cape Town will be bound to implementing more water saving initiatives including water restrictions on home gardening irrigation which will increase water rate. […]

21 Tips to save water

The Department of Water Affairs has predicted that Cape Town’s water consumption will surpass its water supply by 2014. But this is date does not take into account that the city has experienced a higher that expected population increase as many South African are flocking to the DA ruled province.

Besides the already apparent population […]