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Work on acid mine water underway – water pollution

Environmental officials are working around the clock to curb the potential dangers posed by the impact of acid mine drainage […]

Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority to start cleaning up acid mine drainage

Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority steps in to oversee the short the short term cleaning up of acid mine drainage […]

R300m to restore Berg River water quality

IT will cost in the region of R300 million to remove alien vegetation from the Berg River that’s drastically affecting the water quality. […]

Water Affairs wades in on beach development

THE NATIONAL Water Affairs Department says it is determined to protect water sources, especially wetlands […]

Steps to avert SA’s water crisis

Government reveals its plan at the World Economic Forum. Steps to avert SA’s water crisis […]

Water concerns sink golf estate

Last week’s controversial decision to stop the LagoonBay Lifestyle Estate project near George in the southern Cape may have far-reaching consequences for further golf estate developments throughout the country. […]

Water prices set to soar

South Africans must brace themselves for steep water tariff increases in the coming months, water experts have warned. […]

Water crisis looms in Cape

CAPE TOWN has in the past year experienced one of its worst rainfall figures in almost 90 years, and a sustained drought could deplete the region’s fresh water supply. […]

SA will face water crisis in less than one decade

There are many things that can be said with certainty. That SA will come to face a water crisis in less than one decade is certain! […]

Cape Town World Water Day shortfalls

As aging infrastructure and a wasteful attitude are to blame for much of the Cities water concerns it is still surprising that the city is still not trying to tackle the issue of water and sanitation at the cause of the problem. […]