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Eskom signs CEO water mandate

The CEO Water Mandate is an initiative that grew out of a partnership between the United Nations Global Compact, the Swedish Government and a group of committed companies and specialised orgnisations dealing with the issues of water scarcity and sanitation. […]

Defining SA’s water crisis

South Africa’s real water crisis is that the stuff is just too damn complicated. What do you think about when you worry about water? […]

South African water crisis deepens

As South Africans we have become accustomed to relatively cheap water. This inexpensive price has fostered an attitude of wasteful water use […]

Expert reports on SA Water

MNET’s Carte Blanche has recently (and repeatedly) done investigative journalism surrounding the water crisis in South Africa. They show proof thereof […]

What we don’t but should know about coal fired power plants

The sum total of water required for all of the power stations is six times the equivalent volume of the Vaal dam […]

Wind Farm to Replace the Old Athlone Power Station

What a great idea by the City of Cape Town. This area of Cape Town is well know for being extremly windy and would lend itself very well to Wind power. South Africa’s leading energy supplier has announced that, in conjunction with the City of Cape Town, it will be converting the old Athlone coal […]