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Fracking the Karoo could dryout SA’s telescope bid

South Africa could become a place for further great scientific discovery or we could become a country that poisons groundwater supplies in order to burn more fossil fuels […]

The first to kick the Carbon habit.

There are still many countries that are hesitant to rely on wind and solar energy as a replacement for their dirt carbon habits. This is not the case for Germany which predicts that it could kick its carbon habit by 2050 using today’s technology.

If one of the world best industrialised nations is able to […]

Burning water: how to set your bathroom tap alight.

Another shocking report that reflects the extent that “energy companies” (aka. oil and drilling companies) are willing to deceive people and pollute the natural environment to suck fossil fuels out of the earth. What would you do if your home’s tap water contained high enough quantities of natural gas that it could be set alight. […]