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Fracking report South Africa

KwaZulu-Natal – SA’s top water research body has warned the government to think carefully about the serious risk of water pollution from cancer-causing chemicals and radioactive compounds from future underground “fracking” operations across huge swathes of the country.

A new report by the state-funded Water Research Commission says shale gas rock-fracturing (fracking) will not only […]

Shale gas in the Karoo

THE huge shale gas reserve in the Karoo should not benefit only a few politically connected people, Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu said yesterday.

Shell SA is one of five companies that are seeking exploration licences in the Karoo, and its black economic empowerment (BEE) partner in its downstream business is Thebe Investments. The African […]

Shale gas may lead to loss of jobs

Fracking is not as harmful to the environment as it is to the economy. The debate around fracking as a form of extracting natural gas has descended into a classic debate of potential gains to economic growth and job creation versus loss to pristine environments and social threats to small communities. Yet it is the […]

Fracking the Karoo could dryout SA’s telescope bid

South Africa could become a place for further great scientific discovery or we could become a country that poisons groundwater supplies in order to burn more fossil fuels […]

Put Karoo fracking on hold, says DA

The party warned of the risk of the prospecting contaminating water.

“The proposal by Shell to explore for gas over 90000km² of the southwestern Karoo Basin is premature and should not be entertained by the Petroleum Agency of SA,” DA water and environmental affairs spokesman Gareth Morgan said.

The DA was concerned about the use […]