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Sustainable solutions – Advanced rainwater filtration

Municipalities have accepted that they will no longer be able to supply residence with clean fresh water in the not to distant future. […]

Water failures threaten SA, technology can be solution

Experts warned yesterday that the failure of water management in South Africa would have a devastating effect on the economy, unless business and the government implemented innovative measures to ensure that water quality […]

Groundwater – Everything You Need to Know

it can take centuries, or even millennia, for groundwater levels to be replenished naturally. The Great Artesian Basin in Australia has water that is two million years old! […]

China doubles water conservation funding

China plans to double its investment in water conservation projects as cities face shortages and the worst drought in decades persists in northern China’s key wheat-growing areas. […]

Heavy rains cause water shortages

When harvesting rainwater with Water Rhapsody’s UPWS “uninterupted pressurised water supply” you can rest assured that you will have pressurised water inside your home at all times, in spite or inevitable water outages. […]

Seven New Year water saving resolutions for 2011

Climate forecasts do not bode well for the Western Cape’s water supply. The region is likely to become warmer and drier with reduced water in the rivers. […]

Drylands and Desertification

Drought-induced crop failure can result in direct food shortages at a local level, usually affecting subsistence agriculturists the hardest. Removal of vegetation […]

We have taps but no water supply

taps were installed in the villagers’ homes three years ago, but that the taps were not connected to a water supply yet. […]

Water demand for China is a concern

This projected shortfall puts agriculture, industry, and domestic demand on a collision course. […]

Fears are confirmed at Cape Town rethinks water

Ways to address the issue including drilling into ground water resources and desalination have been discussed but both are entirely unsustainable. Currently the city halfheartedly supports greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting […]