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Wetlands in danger: we ignore ‘water factories’ at our peril

IT HAS been six years since Anglo Coal established a wetland in Mpumalanga to “offset” its encroachment on another of the province’s wetlands. Wetlands cover a mere 2.4% of South Africa’s total 122-million hectare surface area, but the benefits they deliver, from water purification to tourism, far exceed their size.

They are South Africa’s most […]

Eskom to cut water use by 260bn litres

Eskom aims to reduce its water consumption by 260 billion litres a year by 2030.

The utility said the alternative technologies used at its new power stations would reduce the water requirement to 270 billion litres by next year. The company would have needed 530 billion litres to operate its coal-fired stations had the new […]

Water solutions stagnate behind red tape

Source: Times Live The country’s water crisis is past the eleventh hour as red-tape and interdepartmental bureaucracy remain major stumbling blocks to addressing the problem, trade union United Association of SA (UASA) said on Wednesday.

Water pollution

“Since March this year, it has taken the trade union UASA three well-publicised high-level […]

Distribution of the worlds water resources

1. Approximately 97% of the worlds water is found in the oceans and seas as salt water. 2. Only the remaining 3% is fresh water. […]

Water scarcity hits India and China

South Africa is not the only country facing a severe water crisis in the not to distant future. Emerging economies in Asia are drying out. India has already instituted water outages to manage demand in the same way that South Africa has experienced power outages. Coca-Cola has had to close plants in China due to […]