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What to do with all this rain

Rainwater harvesting for indoor use is one of the many applications we can put rainwater to […]

Water quota of Rustenburg’s platinum mines restricted

Water quota of Rustenburg’s platinum mines restricted […]

Kimberley struggles to meet water demand

And the message from the municipality is get used to it. […]

Reusing rainwater gains momentum in construction

using rainwater inside the home all year round and not just necessarily for garden irrigation. Garden irrigation is still most economically done with recycled greywater. […]

Tap greywater before fresh water runs dry

South Africans seem to be a bit behind on taking up the initiative to conserve water, the main perceived reason being that water is not seen as being expensive enough. […]

Water prices set to soar

South Africans must brace themselves for steep water tariff increases in the coming months, water experts have warned. […]

The art of Rainwater Harvesting

Area’s around Cape Town experience 5 months of rainfall that is above 50mm. It is over this period that garden require little to non irrigation. This is when water tanks are either filling up or stand full and overflow excess water to waste. […]

Drylands and Desertification

Drought-induced crop failure can result in direct food shortages at a local level, usually affecting subsistence agriculturists the hardest. Removal of vegetation […]

The price of water: The blame for waste

The low monetary value that has been attributed to this life giving resource (water) has encouraged a wasteful attitude in the eyes of many. […]

Saving water with greywater garden irrigation

.. greywater garden irrigation system you could actually save on your water bill when you indulge in the luxuries of longer showers.. […]