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2013 water restrictions warning – Cape Town

Capetonians have been warned to adhere to restrictions on using water to water gardens or face stiff penalties. […]

Will soapy water damage our plants?

A question that is frequently asked of us when we are called to quote on a greywater irrigation systems is, “Will soapy water damage my plants?”

Like in all areas of life there are ways to misuse everything and grey water is no exception. When grey water is filtered properly and used correctly, grey water […]

Gardening with water conservation in mind

It is not often that one hears of a public garden centering it’s landscaping on water conservation. Not only can it be close to impossible to find a community with enough support for such an idea but it is also difficult to find a community that is willing to let go of the sentimental values […]

Rooftop Gardening

In an attempt to green their cities, residence are turning to roof top gardening. Not only does this allow the city’s inhabitants to connect with nature but it also helps in reducing the carbon footprint of their city.

Roof top gardening

URBAN farming is a growth industry in New York city’s […]

Eating environmentally friendly

In frugal times like these where people are becoming more environmentally conscious and are looking for ways to recycle or reuse as much as they can, the home cook chef is not only looking for greens for the meal but also greener ways of cooking. This is challenging chefs to only buy what is needed […]