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Price of water to rise

Water prices for South Africans could in the near future quadruple… Rain harvesting could help concerned water used save. […]

My Garden

Greywater irrigation is the perfect solution to keeping a green garden throughout summer while being exempt from watering restriction. Get your free quote today […]

Troops sent to prevent water riots

In an earlier blog I discussed what would happen if Cape Town’s water supply dried out. From the following article you will read that troops have been called in to prevent unrest in the Philippines due to a dire water shortage.This will not be the first time the military has been used to pacify thirsty […]


There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you. #2 When washing dishes by hand, don’t let the water run while rinsing. Fill one sink with wash water and the other with rinse water. #3 Some refrigerators, air conditioners and ice-makers are cooled with wasted flows of water. […]

Will Cape Town follow in the footsteps of Australia: water conservation

If you thought South Africa’s water situation was bad then consider what is happening in Australia. Out of necessity Australia is leading the world when it comes to issues water conservation and sustainability. The continent has experienced 10 years of drought and has had to find innovative ways to supply an ever expanding population with […]

Water scarcity hits India and China

South Africa is not the only country facing a severe water crisis in the not to distant future. Emerging economies in Asia are drying out. India has already instituted water outages to manage demand in the same way that South Africa has experienced power outages. Coca-Cola has had to close plants in China due to […]

Gardening with water conservation in mind

It is not often that one hears of a public garden centering it’s landscaping on water conservation. Not only can it be close to impossible to find a community with enough support for such an idea but it is also difficult to find a community that is willing to let go of the sentimental values […]

False Bay Ecology park gets thumbs up for sustainability

False Bay Ecology park on the banks of Zeekoe Vlei in Cape Town gets thumbs up for sustainability. The center has installed several Water Rhapsody water conservation systems that will enable the building to operate independently of a municipal water supply

The centre harvests all the rain that falls on its roof and sends this […]

Water Tariffs for 2010

Water tariffs for 2010 will be increasing on average by 9 percent, keeping with inflation. This however does not mean our water bill will be of an equivalent value as they were in the the past as the charging increments have changed. The new charging structure can have a dramatic effect on your water bill. […]

Installing a grey water system

I am frequently asked questions about grey water irrigation systems from home builder and home owners. These are the answers to some of those frequently asked questions. Q: At what stage of the building development must the planning of this system be done preferably?

A: For a new home, the planning should be done when […]