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Tend to your garden without wasting water | Greywater irrigation

through a filter and then uses it to thoroughly water your garden. The water is completely safe, suitable for your garden and just as hydrating for your plants as water from the hose pipe. […]

Just what is greywater?

Just what is greywater you ask? It is all the water that comes out of your sinks (not including your kitchen), showers and washing machine. Yeah and what do you do with it?

Water Rhapsody Garden-Rhapsody garden grey water irrigation system

Well that’s the easy and not so easy part. The easy […]

Using Grey Water for Irrigation in the Organic Garden

When gardeners obey the cardinal rule for using greywater (Greywater is not to be stored) then using greywater for irrigation is perfect for organic vegetable gardening as long as organic soaps and cleaners are used. […]

Water conservation for climate change concerns

By investing in a home greywater and / or a rainwater harvesting system you could save as much as 90% on your municipal water bill. […]

Stellenbosch Municipality urges residence to reduce water use

We urge residents to…immediately stop with irrigating of gardens and also to try and save water and be conservative with water, […]

Seven New Year water saving resolutions for 2011

Climate forecasts do not bode well for the Western Cape’s water supply. The region is likely to become warmer and drier with reduced water in the rivers. […]

Water crisis worst blunder of 2010

In a country afflicted by a scarcity of water, a fast-growing population and ageing infrastructure, our water predicament has now become a ticking time bomb […]

Bergvliet – Borehole runs dry.

At the start of December it is unusual for a borehole to have run dry, or is it? It has already happened to one Bergvliet property that I know of.

After receiving a distressed message for a Bergvliet resident that her borehole had run dry she was wanting to know what her options were. It […]

Beaufort West – Water crisis!

It is only a matter of time before boreholes and wellpoints start drying up and force homeowner to search for alternative sources of water. […]

Why go for grey?

They know by irrigating their lawns and gardens with greywater they are seen as being environmentally friendly.. […]