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Western Cape Rainfall pattern | January

It is advised that household use alternative sources of water, including greywater to irrigate gardens and to conserve water where possible. It should be encouraged that all communities start practicing water saving behaviours. […]

11 Ways to Use Less in 2011

Here are some things to consider using less of in the coming year: […]

Cape Town’s top beaches

The quality of bathing water at South African beaches was slowly deteriorating due to poor sewage management, the Wildlife Society of SA (Wessa) […]

Western Cape Rainfall plummets

The following graph is taken from the Department of Water Affairs and it clearly indicated that the Western Cape region could be threatened with severe water scarcity similar to that of the Southern Cape. […]

Saving water with greywater garden irrigation

.. greywater garden irrigation system you could actually save on your water bill when you indulge in the luxuries of longer showers.. […]

Zuma talks Water at the State of the Nation Address on Thursday.

“We are not a water rich country. Yet we still lose a lot of water through leaking pipes and inadequate infrastructure. […]

Typical household water consumption

With Water Rhapsody water conservation system we can save up to 90% of you water bill. When was the last time you really looked at how much you were spending each month on water? […]