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Greener car washing

Modern car washes use far less water than a home wash and they recycle their water. […]

Groundwater – Everything You Need to Know

it can take centuries, or even millennia, for groundwater levels to be replenished naturally. The Great Artesian Basin in Australia has water that is two million years old! […]

Stellenbosch Municipality urges residence to reduce water use

We urge residents to…immediately stop with irrigating of gardens and also to try and save water and be conservative with water, […]

Fears are confirmed at Cape Town rethinks water

Ways to address the issue including drilling into ground water resources and desalination have been discussed but both are entirely unsustainable. Currently the city halfheartedly supports greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting […]

Why go for grey?

They know by irrigating their lawns and gardens with greywater they are seen as being environmentally friendly.. […]

Flushing toilets with grey water

Second Movement reuses greywater (used water from baths, showers, hand washing basins, and laundry) for re-use in toilet flushing. The greywater is treated and stored in a chamber; from there it is pumped directly to each individual toilet pan, as necessary. As the treated greywater is pumped directly to the pan there is no need […]

DIY Water leak detection

A dripping tap typically wastes about 1 litre and hour, That’s about 8760 litres a year. A leaking toilet can waste up to 34 litres an hour or 300000 litres a year. Are you sure you’re not leaking water? […]

How much is your water costing you?

Few people know that we are charged twice for the water we use. The first time we pay for water is when it flows through the water meter into our homes. […]