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Durban water project includes salt sales and shrimp

South Africa’s water demand will outstrip available supply by 2025 to 2030 […]

SA running out of water

We’re a water stressed country. We don’t have enough water resources to go around. Even once we get water in our managed infrastructure, nearly half of that leaks out of the system […]

Cape Town may soon drink recycled water

Cape Town residents will have to start looking seriously at drinking recycled water from the local sewage works within the next few years as water supplies are running out […]

Greywater reuse can solve water crisis in Dhaka

Recycling of greywater will protect aquatic ecosystems by decreasing the diversion of freshwater, reducing the quantity of toxic contaminants entering waterways. […]

Reusing rainwater gains momentum in construction

using rainwater inside the home all year round and not just necessarily for garden irrigation. Garden irrigation is still most economically done with recycled greywater. […]

Tap greywater before fresh water runs dry

South Africans seem to be a bit behind on taking up the initiative to conserve water, the main perceived reason being that water is not seen as being expensive enough. […]

Water rich vs. Water poor

South Africa is the 30th driest country in the world yet we are already faced with a looming water crisis that will hit us as soon as 2014 some say. Some say the next world war will be fought for water. Water is without a doubt the world most precious resource. Through […]

Keep saving water – Summer is near

The typical household can save up to 90% of their water bill through a combination of harvesting rainwater, greywater recycling and other water saving technologies. […]

Rainwater harvesting should be made mandatory for developers

As demand for water is growing rapidly and most cities are facing a water crisis, rainwater harvesting should be made mandatory across the country. […]

Greywater recycling in Jordan

This video shows one of the many ways in which greywater can be recycled. Jordan, like South Africa, is one of the many countries in the world that are facing water scarcity.

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