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Saving Money with Water Conservation Head Sprinkler Systems

Water Rhapsody’s greywater systems use large droplet technology to irrigate. This ensures that the presious water is absorbed by the soil. […]

New Urbanism tackles sustainable education

The centre attempts to spread awareness of increased water scarcity, amongst other issues, by demonstrating the ease and simplicity by which renewable resource can be harnessed and to help eliminate excessive squandering. […]

Greywater garden irrigation vs. Boreholes

heard of the concept of showering more to save water, then it might sound counter intuitive, but… […]

Garden irrigation systems set to boom this summer

Based on information from the Department of Water Affairs there will be exponential growth in the sale and installation of garden irrigation systems this summer. This is because the Western Cape has now entered a lower than average rainfall pattern (Drought cycle).

Based on historic information going as far back as the 1960, Cape Town […]

All you need to know: Borehole and wellpoint water

Over the past few years there has been a shift in the mentality amount garden owners about tapping into ground water for irrigation purposes. The initial attitude was one of complete abundance, almost as if the ground several metres below us is soaked in water.

Irrigating with borehole water

I call […]