Aquarista is the leader in Greywater garden irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting systems in South Africa.

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What to do with greywater

Established in 1994, Water Rhapsody, in many ways wrote the rule books on greywater reuse and recycling […]

Grey technology saves water

“Have you ever had the opportunity to watch your kids stare out the window after a bath and watch as their bath water gently sprays out onto the garden? To them this is a moment of utter amazement.” […]

Cape Town’s top beaches

The quality of bathing water at South African beaches was slowly deteriorating due to poor sewage management, the Wildlife Society of SA (Wessa) […]

New Urbanism tackles sustainable education

The centre attempts to spread awareness of increased water scarcity, amongst other issues, by demonstrating the ease and simplicity by which renewable resource can be harnessed and to help eliminate excessive squandering. […]

Flushing toilets with grey water

Second Movement reuses greywater (used water from baths, showers, hand washing basins, and laundry) for re-use in toilet flushing. The greywater is treated and stored in a chamber; from there it is pumped directly to each individual toilet pan, as necessary. As the treated greywater is pumped directly to the pan there is no need […]