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Rainwater harvesting system must for all new buildings

The rainwater harvesting plan encourages those who can afford to build houses to take care of their own best interest. […]

The economics of injustice: the dark side of global water demand

On the surface it seems a brutal multi-party Faustian double bind, where everyone sells their soul to everyone else. Is it? And if it is, what can be done to break the pact? […]

Violent riots erupt as people fight for water.

When one thinks of the Indian people one does not necessarily think of them as a violent bunch, especially as one of the worlds greatest peace advocates was born there, namely M. Gandi.

However if one is to think about what would happen when people like you and I are left without water for several […]

Is ground water a viable option?

To tap into the countries ground water supply has for a long time been an avenue that many would have liked to explore in order to solve our countries water shortage concerns. Many farmers and households already make use of well points or boreholes to pump ground water onto their gardens and fields. Many more […]

Water scarcity hits India and China

South Africa is not the only country facing a severe water crisis in the not to distant future. Emerging economies in Asia are drying out. India has already instituted water outages to manage demand in the same way that South Africa has experienced power outages. Coca-Cola has had to close plants in China due to […]